Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory Workshop 2014

We cordially invite you to participate in the 4th Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory Workshop 2014 which is an open and free-to-attend event organized by Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory at Gjøvik University College. This event is facing all who are interested in technologies, policies, applications, and wider acceptability of biometrics. The event in 2014 will focus on the topic of behavioural biometric and continuous authentication. What are the problems and possibilities of behavioural biometrics compared to biological biometrics or other authentication methods, and how can we secure computers better by continuously checking the identity of a user.


Date: February 28th, 2014
Venue: Room K102, Gjøvik University College (GUC), Gjøvik, Norway
Participation: Open and free; registration needed.
Technical Sponsor: European Association of Biometrics (
Theme: Behavioural Biometrics and Continuous Authentication

Tentative Agenda:

Time Program Speaker
09:30 Welcome Nils Kalstad Svendsen, Section leader NISlab, GUC
09:35 Introduction and vision of the Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory. Slides,Video Christoph Busch, Head of NBL - GUC
09:45 The theme of the workshop 2014 and topics in brief. Slides,Video Patrick Bours, GUC
09:50 Continuous Authentication on Mobile Devices. Slides,Video Ingo Deutschmann, BehavioSec
10:15 Trust model for continuous authentication. Slides,Video Soumik Mondal, GUC
10:35 Can we monitor people continuously? Slides, Video Bjørn Erik Thon, Datatilsynet
11:00 Voice Biometrics References. Slides,Video Hermann Geupel, VoiceTrust
11:25 Lunch break  
12:15 Soft biometrics for surveillance. Slides, Video one, Video two Mark Nixon, University of Southampton
13:05 Difficulty of spoofing. Bendik Mjaaland, Accenture
13:30 Coffee Break  
13:45 Anomaly detection to protect bank customers. Slides,Video Stig Øksnes, Evry
14:10 I type my own 6-digit OTP! Slides,Video Elnaz Masoudian, GUC
14:25 Behavioural Biometrics and Continuous Authentication – A Police Perspective. Slides,Video Rune Moen, Kripos