SWAN - Secure Access Control Over Wide Area Network




SWAN (short for “Secured access over Wide Area Network”) is a project funded by The Research Council of Norway within the IKTPLUSS - ICT research and innovation funding.

The SWAN project will research and develop countermeasures and innovative technologies that lead to a usable, economic, and privacy-preserving access control platform based on biometrics. Our research will allow the authentication of banking transactions and secure access to services over broadband and mobile networks, using biometric identifiers. This can be extended to other eServices (E.g., eHealth). Biometric references will be stored, controlled and verified locally based on pre-shared secret, which can be used to seal and authenticate transaction data. This overcomes the need for centralized storage of biometric data. Furthermore, smartphones will act as hardware tokens to which the additional functionalities will be integrated to capture the biometric modalities like (2D face, fingerprint, voice and eye). Processes are designed to serve scalable security needs. The biometric authentication will be optimised in the transaction protocol design with guaranteed privacy compliant. Furthermore, attention will be given to existing and emerging standards and technologies.

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