Martin Aastrup Olsen defended his doctoral thesis

Martin Aastrup Olsen publicly defended his doctoral dissertation in Information Security at Gjøvik University College on Thursday 17 December.

The title of the dissertation is «Fingerprint Image Quality». It focuses on increasing the usability, speed and reliability of fingerprint recognition systems in mobile devices, electronic identification cards and passports. To reach these goals, Olsen provided fingerprint quality assessment algorithms which enable the prediction of biometric recognition performance.

Biometric systems, fingerprint recognition systems in particular, have become widespread in the recent years, both in mobile devices and in increased usage in border controls and electronic national IDs. One crucial aspect to any biometric system is that the quality of the data is of the highest possible quality, especially during the enrolment phase. If the enrolled sample is of poor quality then the comparisons are more likely to result in a false non-match.

Olsen has proposed quality assessment algorithms based on image analysis and machine learning techniques, and evaluated them against state of the art algorithms. He also carried out an investigation on the influence of skin moisture content on the biometric performance. This resulted in better understanding of the influence of environmental factors in addition to a new dataset which supports research in detection and reconstruction of low quality fingerprint images.

Olsens's principal supervisor was Professor Christoph Busch, the secondary supervisor was Professor Patrick Bours.

Evaluation committee:

  • First external opponent: Prof. Dr. Javier Ortega-Garcia, Biometric Recognition Group, Escuela Politécnica Superior, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid.
  • Second external opponent: Prof. Dr. Rasmus Larsen, Technical University of Denmark, DTU Informatics.
  • Internal opponent: Prof. Dr. Laura Georg, Norwegian Information Security Laboratory (NISlab), Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, Gjøvik University College.
  • Head of the Committee and its administrator: Prof. Dr. Stephen Wolthusen, NISlab, Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, Gjøvik University College.

Dean Nils Kalstad Svendsen conducted the public defense.

 Photo: Aastrup Olsen with the evaluation committee and supervisors.