Guoqiang defended his doctoral thesis

Guoqiang Li has defended his thesis titled “Innovative methods for large-scale fingerprint identification systems”.

Fingerprint recognition has gained wide acceptance and great popularity since fingerprint recognition based applications have been adopted in diverse scenarios. However, new challenges also emerge along with the extensive deployment of these systems. During the recognition process, a shorter response time is always desirable when an individual needs to be identified in a system with a database consisting of millions of fingerprints. Fingerprint protection is also important to avoid the fingerprints being accessible for a third party.

Li has investigated innovative methods which can benefit large-scale fingerprint identification systems in terms of accuracy, efficiency and security. This includes a fingerphoto quality assessment approach, fingerprint indexing in order to accurately and efficiently establish the identity of an individual in large-scale fingerprint identification systems and protection of fingerprint information.

Li’s principal supervisor was Professor Christoph Busch, NTNU in Gjøvik and secondary supervisors were Associate Professor Bian Yang and Professor Patrick Bours, NTNU in Gjøvik.

Assessment committee

  • First External opponent: Assistant Professor Dr. Paulo Lobato Correia, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal.
  • Second External opponent: Junior Assistant Professor Dr. Matteo Ferrara, Universita di Bologna
  • Internal opponent: Associate Professor Dr. Sule Yildirim-Yayilgan, Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, NTNU in Gjøvik.
  • Administrator of the assessment committee: Professor Stephen Wolthusen, Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology, NTNU in Gjøvik.

Professor Stephen Wolthusen conducted the public defence.