Mobile Malware Campaign

Malware Has Gone Mobile. Stop.Think.Connect. Keep cybercriminals out of your mobile device.

NTNU, in a joint effort between the Center for Cyber and Information Security (CCIS) Defence Group and Testimon Forensics group, will during the last week of October 2016 join Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) in a mobile malware campaign. The cooperation on the malware campaign comes as a natural prolongation of NTNU’s ongoing collaboration on research with EC3 through the NTNU Testimon Forensics Group. CCIS Defence Group and Testimon Forensics group also collaborate closely to establish the Malware lab.

The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness among users on how to protect oneself from getting malware on mobile devices. There is no end to the appetite of cyber criminals trying to target mobile devices, and there is a real risk that hackers can steal money and sensitive information, use your devices as bots and spy on your activities. Throughout the week, the campaign will remind us of how to protect our mobile devices from cybercriminals’ targeted attacks.

The campaign is part of the Norwegian and European Cyber Security Month. Numerous partners to the campaign (22 EU Member States, 3 non-EU countries and 2 EU agencies), from Norway’s side NTNU, NorSIS and Kripos, will raise awareness about this criminal phenomenon and its consequences.

Over 45 partners from the internet security industry, financial institutions, national ministries and CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Teams) will be supporting this campaign at national level.


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To help people better protect their mobile devices from cybercrime, awareness—raising material are available at the webpage, along with a set of tips explains how to perform in a secure way every day activities such as downloading apps, internet banking, connection to WI-FI or how to avoid becoming a victim of mobile ransomware.

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