Scholarship presentations and interviews

Faculty of Computer Science and Media Technology (IMT) hosted a large event with presentations and interviews for five KD PhD scholarships.

91 applicants from 30 nations applied for the five scholarships at IMT. At the end, 15 candidates from Italy, England, China, Macedonia, Taiwan, USA, Poland, Sweden and India were invited to Gjøvik University College for interview. This time, IMT chose to make the interview session into a larger event over two days.

The candidates were welcomed by Nils Kalstad Svendsen (Dean, IMT), Laura Georg (Head, NISlab) abd Terje Stafseng (Head, Media Technology Lab). Before the interviews, they got the opportunity to present themselves and their MSc work, as well as their research plan, in plenary sessions.

Inspirational journey

Head of NISlab, Laura Georg, explains the background and inspiration for the event.

-Last year our former and current head of COINS (Norwegian Research School of Computer and Information Security), Einar Snekkenes and Hanno Langweg, went on a trip through Europe to learn from the best academic institutions about the successful recruitment of PhD students. This year, we provided the set-up for the recruitment of our next round of PhDs and can say that we were very happy with the success. We got very positive feedback from the candidates and we also found our time spent on multiple presentations, personal meetings, but also a fun Viking event on one of the evenings, well invested, she says.