NTNU Security Divas

- This is so exciting and motivating, we realize that we have made the right choice of study, Kari Anette Sand and Joanna Skrukkerud say. They are studying Bachelor in information security, and attended the conference Security Divas - a conference for and by women in the information security industry.

The conference is organized by NorSIS (Norwegian Centre for Information Security) for the sixth consecutive year. Security Divas is now also an important network for women in the ICT industry.

- It is motivating to come into a room with only girls, and see that they actually exist in the industry, says Skrukkerud. The lectures has also been very inspiring, with good content.

Interest is the important thing

Skrukkerud and Sand would like to see more girls discover how exciting information security can be. At the same time, the two students point out that sex really is of secondary importance, the main thing is to be interested in the subject.

- We learn a lot by being here, we get a broader professional spectrum and new perspectives. It’s not important whether you're a boy or girl, and this conference is very clear on that, Skrukkerud and Sand conclude.