Hanno Langweg

Portrettbilde av Hanno Langweg
Associate Professor, Dr. rer. nat. A114 61 13 53 85 905 66 235


Traceability and accountability, malicious software, client security, trusted path implementations, foundations of computer security, security models, access control, measurable security, product metrics, solutions for small and medium enterprises (SME), applications: electronic signatures, home banking, online voting, embedded systems


Hanno Langweg received his Diplom-Informatiker degree in computer science from University of Bonn in 2001, and his Dr. rer. nat. degree also from University of Bonn in 2008. He has been working with computer security since 1996 and was a PhD student with NISlab from 2003 to 2006. Taking a break from full-time academic research, he worked as a programmer, software architect, consultant, developer evangelist, and team lead with eQ-3 Entwicklung/ELV Elektronik for almost four years. He returned to NISlab in October 2010 to strengthen information security with respect to software development and operating systems. In September 2015 he accepted a position as professor for data security in cloud-based systems and IT forensics at HTWG Konstanz University of Applied Sciences.

Hanno Langweg is the Scientific Director of the COINS Research School of Computer and Information Security.

Blog: http://blog.hig.no/hannol/