Sule Yildirim

Portrettbilde av Sule Yildirim
Associate Professor A 111 61135442


Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotics, biometri, semantic web


Dr. Sule Yildirim is associate professor at the NISLAB,  the department of computer science, and media technology, Gjøvik University College (GUC).  She was appointed as the head of computer science department, at HIHM and also worked there as associate professor before her current position. She has background in artificial intelligence and machine learning. She currently has focus on two research areas: 1) Secure Technologies and 2) Semantic, agent based and learning systems for a) ontology modeling in Semantic Web and b) for the development of smart characters in video games.

She is the GUC coordinator for the AEP: Academic Exchange Project 2012 - 2014 funded through the HERD program. She is a partner in the project INFUSE, lead by Scan4News and supervises a PhD student within the project. For other projects, and the publication list, please the CV.