Local guide

Employee Handbook

  •  Useful information about HIG as working environment: link


  •  Proposal and project documents (login): link

BISSYS - Research Documentation 

  •  Publication registration: link

Conference / Journals:

  •  Summary of level 2 publication channels (login): link
  •   Rankings from Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia: link
  •   Rankings from Institute for Infocomm Research (Jianying Zhou) Top Crypto and Security Conferences Ranking: link
  •   Rankings from Texas A&M University Computer Science and Engineering Department (Guofei Gu) Computer Security Conference Ranking and Statistic: link

 ClassFronter (kvalitessystem): link  

  •  system documents and reports
  •  reporting routines
  •  exam routines
  •  PhD and FOU regulations (HiG -students)
  •  etc.
  •  username and password needed
  •  ClassFronter administrator: Rigmor Øvstetun (rigmor.ovstetun @ hig.no)


  •  shared timetable among employer of HiG
  •  booking rooms and equipments
  •  should open automatically when logon HiG domain
  •  if not, it can be found here: link


  •  course registration
  •  guidance can be found from ClassFronter (skjema): link
  •  username and password needed

 Funding for writing master thesis abroad 

  •  GUC International office: link
  •  Legathåndboken: link
  •  Lånekassen: link

 Planning courses 

  •  Gjøvik University College has defined that 1 ETC (ett studiepoeng) means 25-30 hours workload for a student.
  •  Course delivery guidelines can be found at Fronter in the room 'Kvalitetsystem for HIG' - part '6.0.9d Course tutor/Lecturers guide - Master Information Security'.

 Course evaluations 

  •  Course evaluation guidelines to be found at Fronter in the room 'Informasjonssikkerhet - fellesrom /General information MIS > Lectures > Guidelines'. Also, see the document 'KS-dok 2.1.4d Undervisningsevaluering ved Høgskolen i Gjøvik', available in the room 'Kvalitetsystem for HIG'.

 Distribution lists 

  •  There exist distribution lists both for students and staff - IT department has the details.
  •  The lists might also be available from Studenttorget
  •  However, the class lists and course lists follow the rule: classname @ hig.no, coursename @ hig.no
  •  Class and course names can be found for example WEB TIMETABLE or they can be asked from Studenttorget


  •  Timetables of all faculty members and classes

 NTNU - English matters: link  


 Google Translate: link

 Ordnett: link Often needed economy forms: link  

  •  contract of regarding remuneration (norsk, English)
  •  forms needed to fill before traveling (reise og kurssøknad): "http://english.hig.no/content/download/3357/70641">link


 Statens reiseregulativ: link


 Travel bills to ESS: link


 Forms for buying items (innkjøpsskjema): "http://www.hig.no/content/download/3353/70629">link

 IT-support: link  

  •  helpdesk @ hig.no
  •  Activate HIG user account, VPN, EndNote, antivirus and more: link
  •  User accounts, e-mail accounts, phones, computers etc.

 Copy center: link  

  •  printings (A4)
  •  business cards (visitkort): link

 Official letter form 

  •  can be found from e-phorte system
  •  ask guidance from Aasgjærd Berg (aasgjaerd.berg @ hig.no)

 Printing posters and large documents: 

  •  Prosjektkopi A/S, Strandg. 13 C, 2815 Gjøvik, 61 13 90 00
  •  Dialecta Kommunikasjon Bjørnsons g 2 A, 2821 Gjøvik, 61 14 54 80
  •  Kapa plates can be bought at Mjøsbok

 Poster (NISlab layout) 

  •  LaTeX code for poster with guidance
  •   - You do not have permission to view this object.

 PhD-students in Gjøvik University College 

  •  Guidelines for PhD-students (nor): link
  •  Information, regulations and forms: link
  •  ClassFronter HiG: link
  •  StudentWeb: link

 PhD-students in University of Oslo 

  •  general information and regulations: link
  •  ClassFronter UiO: link
  •  StudentWeb: link
  •  user name and password needed for ClassFronter and StudentWeb
  •  contact person: Lena Korsnes (lenako @ ifi.uio.no)

 PhD thesis template for University of Oslo 

  •  Made by Lasse Øverlier
  •   - You do not have permission to view this object.

 Report series of GUC (and other publications) 

  •  Guidelines of GUC series (nor): link

 Publishers' contact persons 

  •  Ask from Erik Hjelmås (erikh @ hig.no)

 Storage rooms 

  •  temporary furniture can be found in the storage rooms either downstairs besides the elevator or in the room behind K102

 To see who is responsible and of what, look at ClassFronter (kvalitessystem) 

  •  hvem svarer på hva ved hig: link
  •  examples: 
    •  Room booking: Stein Runar Olsen (stein.olsen @ hig.no)
    •  Salary: Oddny Willassen Hoel (oddny.hoel @ hig.no)
    •  Other human resources: Per David Nielsen (per.nielsen @ hig.no)
    •  Travel agency: HRG NORDIC, Gjøvik

 Travel agency 

  •  HRG Nordic / Bennett Ferie CC Gjøvik Jernbanesvingen 6 N - 2821 GJØVIK Tel +47 61132400 Fax +47 61132401 
  •  May Linda Løfmann Email: may-linda.loefmann @ hrgworldwide.com Tel: +47 61146654 
  •  Email to Gjøvik office: gjovik.btc @ hrgworldwide.com

 Hotel arrangements in Norway 

  •  different hotel arrangements: link


  •  reading hig-mail while traveling: link

 Webpage NISlab or HiG 

  •  editing pages, click the lock on the right upper corner
  •  username and password needed
  •  help can also be asked from NISlab webmaster Kirsi Helkala (kirsi.helkala @ hig.no)